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The watchword in the history of Twentieth century art was freedom, although snoopy christmas cover iphone 8 plus very often the movements set rules even if the artists who adhered to them were convinced that they did not have at all; many were the pictorial currents that had their roots in that previous transformation that came in the last years of the Nineteenth century and that was the guy harvey island marlin boat cover iphone x beginning wade wilson whiskey deadpool cover iphone x of a change so epochal after which the harley davidson motor cover iphone 8 patterns and the pictorial rules were no longer the oakland raiders braley cover iphone 6 6s plus same. In particular, Expressionism texas a m atm cover iphone 6 6s plus set itself as an antagonist wonder woman logo cover iphone 5 5s se of the guidelines of the coeval Impressionism, especially in the way of intending the pictorial gesture that had no longer to be the embellished representation coors light beer 5 cover iphone 7 plus of a daily life made of good living, idyllic situations and bape supreme kakashi naruto cover iphone 7 moments of fun and entertainment. No, the artists adhering to Expressionism wanted to go deeper, they felt the need to shout out inner discomforts and fears that enveloped man existence, then as now, and they chose to do so arc reactor ironman cover iphone 7 without worrying that the final disney world ticket book cover iphone 6 6s result might not appear aesthetically pleasing, disturbing and sometimes frightening, using unreal, strong, intense, dark, impetuous colors, following the track born in France with Fauvism and then evolved embracing, litterally, every European country. Northern Europe in particular had a supreme representative in Edvard Munch nike american flag cover iphone 6 6s plus who was able to chevy red car cartoon cover iphone 8 plus fully interpret the anxieties of the reality that surrounded him, transmitting flamin hot cheetos xxtra cover iphone 6 6s plus in his canvases the emotional storm that every event, every circumstance experienced or observed provoked in him. Nada Nadj, born in Bosnia Herzegovina but Viennese by adoption, somehow approaches that declination of Expressionism, through which she manages to get in touch with her own interiority leaving aside the aesthetic part of the work, because what she prefers is to leave the mark of her own emotion of the michigan wolverines football cover iphone 6 6s moment in which the brush is placed on the canvas, ziggy zinnia vera bradley cover iphone 6 6s plus to tell and bring out sometimes painful memories of a personal experience or just observed but able to vibrate the strings of her club deportivo guadalajara chivas 2 cover iphone 7 sensitivity. However, for Nadj it is fundamental to maintain a stylistic freedom that emma watson sexy cover iphone xr allows her to move towards Abstract Expressionism, according to the narration that she wants to make protagonist of a work.

Not only that, her desire for freedom is also manifested in the choice ford racing logo cover iphone 5 5s se of painting technique, iron man arc reactor cover iphone 6 6s in fact, she goes from oil, acrylic, watercolor that jeep a lot cover iphone 8 she mixes together as if they were notes of a melody that need to tune one to the other to achieve the final result. The chosen tonalities are smoky, earthy and sometimes dark, just to underline that restlessness that her marked delicacy of mind feels like a second skin, the fears, the nostalgia of memory, the wounds that an episode arouses and that survive a long time in the inner feeling. In the works more related to the description of human emotions Nada Nadj remains on a n7 mass effect logo typography cover iphone tampa bay buccaneers bucs cover iphone 8 xr figurative nuanced, almost hidden in the features to give more prominence to the intense feeling that comes out of the canvas and literally invests the viewer.

2 Echo (Eco)Echo (Echo) are strongly representative of the restlessness and disturbance of contemporary man, who often finds himself having to deal with an isolation chosen and wanted in the name of a race towards realization that induces him to give up everything else; or perhaps a marginalization suffered and never accepted by virtue of which, even shouting his own discomfort, man finds himself only able to hear the echo of his voice, unheard by those who walk beside him every day without knowing him.

And again, in Die Beobachter (The observers) she puts the accent on the many children who suffer and die every day while a large part of the world remains watching, as if that suffering, that discomfort does not touch him, as if it were just a television image to watch with the same detachment with which one watches a film or a documentary, forgetting that instead the situation is real. This is perhaps why, in the most abstract works, such as Icarus Flugel (Icarus Wings)

6 Icarus Flugel (Le ali di Icaro)

7 Goldregen (Ali dorate)

she chooses to narrate lightness, those ideal wings that allowed her, and many of her people, to literally fly away from a world where they no longer recognized in to start a new existence less afflicted by the pain they left behind, more serene and luminous thanks to that flight that has drawn in their future the word hope. Nada Nadj has taken part to many group and solo exhibitions in Austria, especially in Vienna, but also in Croatia and Slovakia…

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